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Flow Cytometry (FCM) today is a standard method for automated rapid cell analysis. Flow Cytometry combines optical and fluorescence detection techniques with dedicated fluidics, electronics, and computer technology. Flow Cytometry allows analysis of 100,000 cells or more in less than one minute. Several biochemical and physical cell properties are simultaneously analysed for each single cell. Cytomics and Cell Analysis are key tools in many disciplines of medicine, biology, microbiology, pharmacy, biotechnology, industrial plant breeding, food quality control, and industrial process control. Cell Sorting mechanically separates subgroups of cells for further processing.

Our Experience

Since the introduction of the world's first commercial as well as the first fluorescence-based flow cytometer, the ICP 11, in 1968-69, key flow cytometry technologies have been pioneered by Partec. These include doublet discrimination, piezo-based closed sorting, software compensation and mobile flow cytometry systems. As a result the company holds an extensive collection of national and international key patents related to flow cytometry and cell analysis.

Flow cytometry has evolved as the key method for precise and rapid cell analysis. With its innovative FCM technology, Partec is addressing the demand for new sophisticated applications as well as the increasing requirements for reliable results in research and clinical routine. These include high-end, multi-colour analysis, cost-reduced immunophenotyping, decentralized research applications in cell biology and microbiology, accurate and highly affordable HIV monitoring for low- and mid-income countries and remote, resource-limited settings, as well as sterile and non-destructive particle and cell sorting.

Superior Performance

Partec instruments are known to offer optimal performance, such as the legendary precision of DNA quantification with a CV of better than 1% for typical cells, and the high fluorescence sensitivity (



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