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Knorr Venture Capital Deutschland GmbH, CEO


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Changing realities continually reshape the building industry. Competitive pressures and economic constraints demand that knowledge of key trends and solid practices be applied to all aspects of construction. Whether a new building or restoration, the success of every enterprise, large or small, depends on carefully managed attention to detail.

The flooring system is a major cost element in any construction or restoration project. Floors are more complex than they appear. As part of the developer's due diligence in value engineering it's essential to analyze the design and specifications of flooring systems before work begins. Troubles after the fact can be economically disastrous. Flooring problems look unsightly may affect proper equipment functioning, and compromise the integrity of an entire structure.

Volkmar Lull has a keen knowledge of floor coating systems based on MMA resin. In modern industrial buildings for the food industry, where high tec seamless and hygienic flooring has become a necessity, this expertise is essential to the success of the flooring installation. If the concrete isn't leveled right the floor may fail. As to the sub floor preparing with shoot blasting methods requires know-how in combining with the most appropriate coating materials and methods.

Volkmar Lull is the founder and president of Plasti-Chemie International GmbH, a KVCG INC. Company, established in Germany over 20 years ago. The MMA resins are sold via Key Resin Company into the US market and via Acrymaster to North Europe. Plastifloor resins are also available in South Amerika from NS Brazil and in Russia.

Mr. Volkmar Lull is an acknowledged expert in all aspects of MMA flooring, both commercial and residential, including:
•Specifying MMA flooring systems from sub floor to finishing
•Resin types and species, domestic and imported
•Sourcing the resin supply chain from the chemical plant to pre-polymerisation to job site
•Performance characteristics of all resin types, including topcoat variations
•Coaing system evaluation for all customers in the food industry
•Post installation troubleshooting, particularly in assessing and solving performance problems in all types of MMA flooring systems.

I´m serving customers from all kind of industries worldwide. I´m just a call away from You: +1(212) 4614643 or +49 (174) 3162870

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